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And finding someone you are compatible with is hard for everyone, perhaps especially more so if you are HIV-positive.While some people living with HIV still choose to use common apps like Grindr, Tinder, OKcupid or, others find it easier to use sites and apps specifically targeted for those who are HIV-positive.The good news is that there are of sites already out there to help HIV-positive people find other HIV-positive people, and that market only seems to keep growing.These are a few sites that have been quite popular. And while it may be hard to distinguish between them, it may just take some experimentation and talking to other HIV-positive people who have already used the sites.

Is a sense of humor, spirituality or a love of children important to you?

If so, dating someone who is obsessed with his or her job and who doesn’t believe in a higher power is not going to work.

Deciding what you want is also a good way to figure out where to go in order to meet your ideal dating prospect.

For instance, if art is your passion, visiting museums and exhibits will likely turn up better dating material than simply going to a singles bar on a Friday night.

If sports is your passion, consider visiting local sporting events or joining a tennis club or at least a fitness center.

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