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Ivacy offers multi login that allows you to use 1 account on 5 devices, simultaneously.

Just purchase VPN account and use the same account on up to 5 devices.

Yes, Ivacy VPN offers a life-time subscription on all its VPN plans.

For instance if you bought an yearly plan for .95/year, then you’ll be paying the same amount on every renewal irrespective of the pricing at that point in time until cancelled.

There is significant evidence that the US government has covered up the alien presence through misinformation, distortion, obfuscation, and ridicule. A retired Nebraska Air National Guard major general, Mark Musick dedicated over a decade to uncover a story which he never expected, nor sought to tell. Ed Haslam spent his first 35 living in New Orleans.

UFO experts, Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden joined George Knapp for the full program to discuss the wealth of archival documents that clearly demonstrate a cooperative disinformation effort between the mainstream media and government. Friedman received BS and MS degrees in Physics from University of Chicago in 19, where Carl Sagan was a classmate. in Social Work at the University of New Hampshire in 1971. A native of Blair, NE, he attended college in his hometown, Dana College. Douglas Wellman was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and studied television broadcasting at the University of Minnesota. He personally heard and saw things that involved the investigation into the Kennedy Assassination, the murder of one of his father colleagues, and claims of biological weapons to be...

Ivacy really is amazing & it really is a cheap price VPN if compared to its amazing service.

We offer both, recurring and non-recurring billing methods.

If you buy VPN, your standard billing method will be set on recurring, but you can request to change it by submitting a ticket or contacting our support. You can order VPN for one month after which you can order for the yearly subscription and your package will be upgraded.

If you buy VPN for six months and you would like to add a few more months in it, you can purchase VPN on monthly subscription to extend your account. The only log we keep is the access attempts to our servers that help us to assist you for troubleshooting and security purposes.

So, you can relax and order VPN with complete peace of mind.

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