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User()Verified()) { throw new Already Verified Exception(); } Verified(true); User()Verified(true); user; return token; } private Verification Token load Token(String base64Encoded Token) { Null(base64Encoded Token); String raw Token = new String(Base64.decode Base64(base64Encoded Token)); Verification Token token = token By Token(raw Token); if (token == null) { throw new Token Not Found Exception(); } if (Expired()) { throw new Token Has Expired Exception(); } return token; } Choose a Mail Sender and insert the values into the mail properties.

You can use a gmail or yahoo account for testing or there are several useful bulk mail sending options such as Crit Send or Mail Jet.

As you can see only the staging and production profiles are set up to send real mail.

When running the dev and local profiles the Mock Java Mail Sender is invoked which simply stores the Mime messages in memory.

To test out sending mail we can temporarily add the dev profile: You can either click on the link in the email and this will invoke a static page in the application that will forward on the token to another API call to verify the token.

Alternatively you can copy the token in the link and construct a curl statement to do the same thing.

Send an email with an embedded link that includes the token to the user 3.Response returned to the user @Transactional public Verification Token send Email Registration Token(String user Id) { User user = ensure User Is Loaded(user Id); Verification Token token = new Verification Token(user, Verification Token.Verification Token Registration, Email Registration Token Expiry Time In Minutes()); Verification Token(token); user; email Services Verification Token(new Email Service Token Model(user, token, get Config()Host Name Url())); return token; } A new token is generated and persisted.This token is then sent to the Email Services Gateway where it is queued and the method returns, leaving the gateway to handle processing of the token asynchronously.The entry point is the Gateway component which routes to a queue-backed channel.

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This queue has a message store which in dev and local profiles uses a Simple Message Store. I'll cover setting up for production in a later post.

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