Validating ip address in java

You may need to remove some java packages but most of them should be happy once you have the Sun JDK packages installed.You may want to follow one of these cleanup tips once you are done removing packages.Run update-java-alternatives with the --plugin option and set it back to the original value. The browsers installed with 11.10 may be expecting sun-java7. "apt-get purge" command can remove those packages completely. Reference: Official installation instruction from Oracle I followed strictly the steps that Eric Carvalho provided to remove all instances of Java and rebooted my computer.

Everybody, please, feel free to suggest changes that can improve it, like better explanation of each command or pointing out a scenario not covered by them.+1 for the answer.

I recently found a scenario where removing openjdk causes installation of other java packages.

A workaround for this problem is disabling all of the repository and then execute the removal command.

If you want instructions for removing the proprietary Oracle ("Sun") version of Java, then you'll have to specify how you installed it.

(If you edit your question to indicate this and leave a comment to this answer, I'll try to add information about how to remove that too.) to switch to the Sun java packages.

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If you do want to completely remove Open JDK remove the default-jdk and/or default-jre packages.

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