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She was soon after dubbed “the coolest girl in the world” – a label she’s carried wearily with her ever since. In the years since, Sevigny’s distinctive personal style and film performances for an impeccable roll-call of top auteurs, from Woody Allen and Jim Jarmusch to Lars von Trier and David Fincher, have cemented her reputation as an alternative fashion icon and art house cinema muse.Her elongated face and strong jawline lend her a captivating, unconventional beauty that translates well on to the screen, and she has an appealingly distinctive, unvarnished acting style, whether it’s playing the girlfriend of the US teenager Teena Brandon in Boy’s Don’t Cry (1999) – a role for which she received an Oscar nomination – or performing an explicit (unsimulated) sex scene in Vincent Gallo’s controversial 2003 film The Brown Bunny.To prepare for Hit & Miss, Sevigny waded through medical notes about surgical procedures, hormone treatments and read autobiographies of people who had changed gender.“I also sat down with some M to F girls and they were very open with me, very generous,” she says.“I asked about sex, and how you would manage if you wanted to seduce a boy.Also, Mia comes from a travelling community, she grew up in the fairgrounds, so I researched that – including watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.' The transgender women she met were all exaggeratedly feminine, she says, but that is not what the show’s two female directors wanted for Mia.“They wanted me to be more solid and grounded and not do the ultra-feminine thing.

Sevigny plays Mia, a preoperative male-to-female transsexual who works, with cool efficiency, as a contract killer.

She is also, she discovers to her shock, a father: in the opening episode, an ex-girlfriend writes to tell her that they have an 11-year-old son and, since she is terminally ill, she has nominated Mia as guardian of the boy and his three half-siblings.

In summary, this may sound preposterously camp and over the top but, thanks to Abbott’s delicate script and a typically nuanced performance from Sevigny, the material proves unexpectedly moving.

“It’s kind of disturbing at times, but very subtle, lyrical and touching,” says Sevigny, in a husky East Coast drawl punctuated by a surprisingly loud, honking laugh.

“It’s a love story between Mia and the son that she discovers she has.” Not before time.

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As long ago as 1994, shortly before her screen debut in Larry Clark’s Kids, the 19-year-old Sevigny was identified in an eight-page New Yorker magazine profile by the novelist Jay Mc Inerney as “the It Girl with a street-smart style”.

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