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He had a dark and thorny past, but it was a gift of sorts: It lent him remarkable insight into the depravities of human nature.Don could X-ray the American id, suss out weaknesses, and instantly spot the Maslowian hierarchy of needs that undergirds every decision we make—even buying floor wax.The big lie at the heart of Don's existence (he was literally not who he said he was) kept him especially attuned to the hypocrisy and perversion hidden beneath the rigidly pleasant social cues of his era.He was also—perhaps precisely because he was so cognizant of his own failings—a fundamentally decent guy in many ways.The guy who mentored Peggy, and took visible delight in her advancement.The guy who saw Joan's superlative competence, and spoke to her as a peer instead of a piece of ass. We've been spending more time with the guy who ditches Ginsberg's creative work in a taxi, the guy who orders Sylvia to crawl on all fours, the guy who sometimes treats Peggy like a glorified admin.

I'd be eager to see how the show might handle a black business owner who becomes Don's client, or a black copy writer who joins Peggy's team.

: 1) I'd prefer we not shame our televisual auteurs into fulfilling vague racial quotas.

Writers are allowed to make choices that feel authentic to the story they wish to tell.

2) At the same time, our current golden age of television deserves a more diverse chorus of voices.

I would absolutely love to see a show that compellingly tackles New York in the '60s from an African-American perspective, or a sharp and clever drama set at a black-owned marketing agency.

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