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The show’s counselors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll had been secretly eavesdropping on Tara and Dean in the hopes of getting a clearer understanding of the true nature of their relationship when they thought they were away from the cameras.

Close one: Lisa D'Amato's lie detector test question from partner Adam Friedman - bizarrely - was if she'd ever been sexual with another woman.

Just hours later she narrowly managed to avoid a smooch from a female clubgoer‘My wife gave me a hall pass and then she took it back. Women say “cheating,” but I was given a hall pass, so…’ he said awkwardly, an answer that it was not clear his wife had been told about. Lisa and Adam spoke excitedly of a bright future for their relationship after Adam finally admitted to having fear issues - but he seemed to get a little too affectionate with a woman during the club date, something Lisa was shown preparing to confront him over in the finale.

She asked: “I f***ing love you on that show, but are you glad you did it? The presenter then continued to ask whether Tara wanted to hit the gym to improve her “muscle shape” for the role.

” But this question immediately got Tara's back up as she took exception to the question: “It's not worth the time to talk about.” As Jenny tries to lead with another question, Tara was unimpressed as she said: “Babe, I asked you, please let's not talk about this show. Tara simply replied that she did weekly yoga, but “nothing crazy, nothing strenuous.” The line of questioning led Jenny to then move on to Tara's highly publicised plastic surgeries. Are you still going through surgeries or are you past them? Tara, who was even more unhappy over her questions, huffed: “No, I haven't had any surgery for awhile, Jenny.” It's at this point where you can hear that things become very frosty between the pair and Tara appears to be whispering to someone else.

We're all here about Sharknado.” Not wanting to talk just about the latest Sharknado flick, Jenny went down the 'how did you get in shape for the role' line, and again – Tara was not happy. Jenny continued to press: “So, you're good and done, not moving forward with plastic surgery?

” A fed-up Tara hit back: “I think I've made that clear about 100 times.

Maybe you only read the bad things, but I've made that really clear for so many years.” It's then that Tara has decided that she's had enough and was ready to leave and the claws really came out. Bye.” While Jenny ended the supremely uncomfortable exchange with: “Love you, Tara.

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