Youth dating violence programs

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If you are interested in scheduling one of our programs, you must submit a School Scheduling Form and School Presentation Contract.

“The presentation is very appropriate for this age group.

The information presented is excellent and very valuable as they are the age many of the laws pertain to.

(The presenter)does a wonderful job of getting participation out of the students.

Students who rarely participate in class were getting involved.”“We have our students fill out daily evaluations/reflections of the presentation and we always get excellent responses. They learn a lot and become much more aware of the situation, and are much better prepared to head into the “dating world.” They always enjoy the amount of interactive activities that (the presenter) has them involved in.”“All the information was very appropriate for the target audience. It’s so important that this information is there so that they can have a better understanding of relationships.”“Because of this program I set boundaries with my boyfriend and he respects my sexual and dating boundaries.

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